Book Reading List

I wanted a place to be able to keep track of all the books I read this year, and subsequent years. If you are like me, then you will find this a great help. If you have any suggestions for me on what books to read, let me know on Twitter: @360manproject  or on Facebook



Suffer in Silence

I was curious as to what Navy SEAL's actually go through during their training, in a step by step sort of way. This is the best book that I have found regarding the subject. It is told like a story, but will hold you captive. This is a no holds barred type of book and not for the faint of heart, or the easily offended.

I read it in about 1 week, and it motivated me to do 1000 push-ups in 1 day! Something I always wanted to do, but didn't think was possible.

I love learning about the Navy SEAL's, and this was just another great addition to my collection.

Living with a SEAL

This book was great! I enjoyed learning about Jesse, and never knew some of the things about his early life and his aspirations of being a rapper.

The best part about this book was how SEAL, helped Jesse to think differently, and do some really neat things out of his comfort zone.

If you are looking for a quick fun read that will also challenge you, this is it.

Seven Years to Seven Figures

I am currently reading this book. I already like it, and love the idea that counters most ideas of how to become a millionaire that are in the market today.

It seems that every Facebook ad or blog post is about "1 million subscribers in 30 days" or "How I made six figures in 6 months." It may be true, but I'm old fashioned and believe that most things happen because of being intentional, persistent, disciplined, and consistent.

He gives several examples of how others, and himself have accumulated a net worth of 1 million dollars in the course of 7 years. It's not far fetched and have already been able to implement several things into my life.

This is one of those books about money that you just need to read.

Tools of Titans

This is one of those books that you don't just sit down and read through. The idea is to have it laying around, and when you have a topic you want to read about, you crack it open and find it in there.

I have read mostly the Health and Fitness portions so far, but I love the fact that you have all of the ideas and thoughts of extraordinary people right at your fingertips. I don't know where else you can go to be able to pick all of these billionaires, icons and world-class performs brains.

Tim Ferris has created a great book to have around for any occasion.

Never Split the Difference

This book is amazing. I would not recommend reading it in one sitting ...even though you will want too!!

I have learned so much about negotiating and how to talk with people, than I have ever learned. 

I actually applied one of the tools called "mirroring", and the results were astounding!! I'm not joking they actually worked!!!

You need to read this book.

It will blow your mind, and change how you approach every interaction.

Inside Delta Force

If you think that the Navy SEAL's are a tough bunch. Wait until you read about these guys. The Dark Horses.

To be one of the best, you have to learn how to handle yourself. How about 40 mile ruck's on your own in the middle of the night?

Not communicating with your peers. No outside help.

These guys truly are the best of the best.

Read this book...and oh yeah, one more thing.

Have a goodun!

Engineering the Alpha

It's an interesting take on the problems that plague men.

First of all, the foreword by Arnold, is worth every penny. John does a great job using powerful masculine language to get his point across. He claims that hormones are what cause the weight, boredom, erectile dysfunction, and testosterone issues that men have.

He uses a lot of research to back this claim up, but I'm not sure I'm sold on all of the information. Obviously John is in great shape and has used some of this to help him in his life.

It's a good book, worth a read, but I tend to just believe that eating healthy and exercising are the best things a man can do for himself. There is not really much science behind my claims, but then again, it's just that simple.

The Daily Stoic

You need to read this. Every man should have this on his nightstand.

Read it. That is all.

Eat & Run

Wow!! Dude, Scott Jurek is the man. Who wins the Western States 100 not once, not twice, but a record setting 7 times? Scott Jurek does. 

All on a plant based diet ...despite what everyone told him.


If you ever wanted to know about the battle of Thermopylae or wonder what it was actually like to be a Spartan warrior, then this book is for you.

It is non-fiction, and is told from the eyes of a young man who grew up in Sparta but wasn't a citizen.

This is truly one of the coolest books that I have ever read. I can't believe the courage determination and shear discipline of these men. It makes me wonder what has happened to the modern man. Have we become soft?

The Spartans were amazing warriors, and the Agoge that they had to go through, truly made them men.

Relentless Strike

This one was referred to me by my GORUCK Light Cadre. He was a veteran of the battle of Mogadishu. (a.k.a. Black Hawk Down)

This is the complete history of JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command.) This is all about the formation and history of the military's elite units such as Seal team 6, Delta Force, PJ's, Airborne.

One of the most interesting books I have read. It's a big one full of history. It is going to make you shake your head. I guess hindsight is 20/20. 

The Ten Pillars of Wealth

This book really takes a stab at the mindset that millionaires and billionaires have. Then Alex teaches you to have that same mindset.

One of my favorite things he said was that you truly have to believe that you are better at what you do then everyone else. You have to know that you are better at making money in your particular niche than anyone else, and work your ass off to keep it that way.

Awesome book that pulls no punches about making money.


Financial Freedom

Wow!! This book opened up my eyes to all of the counter-intuitive money advice.

Instead of trading time in, you can have both money and time now. Biggest takeaway is this….”Do as much saving and investing while you can now”, Then live off of it the rest of your life.

Tim is our most valuable resource, in fact, no matter how much money you have, you can’t buy more of it.

Grant has done an excellent job providing an alternative to the same old same old money advice you have heard your whole life.

Great read!

Leviathan Wakes

If you are looking for an awesome Sci-Fi book, this is it!

It is almost like a game of thrones in space for me. It’s very well put together, reads easy and is just an immediate epic novel.

There is a TV series based on the whole series called “The Expanse”, and I believe it is on Prime or something.

Stay Tuned More to Come