These are books that I have personally read, sometimes more than once. Each one of them has transformed my mind and life in some way. They will do the same for you.

Don't try to read more than one book at a time. Make sure you have a higlighter. Take notes, scribble in the margins. Take one thing from every chapter and find a way to apply it in your life.


The way of the SEAL-CMDR Mark Divine

If there is one book that you read this year. This should be it. Dare to be someone special.

Unbeatable Mind-CMDR Mark Divine

After reading this book, I am 100% positive that your mind is what controls 90% of what you do, become, and achieve. It is our thoughts and the limits that we create, keeping us from reaching our full potential.


This one is a diamond in the rough. Holt Condren is a business man and modern day explorer. He guides you through an adventure to discover where Noahs Ark is hidden and also on a journey of your soul.
He is an entreprenuer and a Man sold out to exploring all God has intended him to be.

I couldn't put this one down.

Surf the Woods
By Holt Condren
By Craig Groeschel

This book inspired me in so many ways. The odds that were overcome by one man, his attitude through it all, and his undying faith in God. Excellent book!

By Eric Blehm

The 4 Hour Work Week - Tim Ferris

Excellent book, I couldn't put this one down. It is really an unconvential guide to streamlining your life and contemplating the endless possibilities available to you. Tim talks about basically automating your life so that you can become autonomous, and become prt of the New Rich. The people who have learned to work smarter not harder. Cool read. It will inspire you. If you don't want to start a business after this, I will be suprised.


The Total Money Makeover - Dave Ramsey

I wish I would have had this book when I was 15. Learn all about investing, saving, and learning to build welath steadily. Dave focuses on baby steps, that you can knock out 1 by one on your way to debt free living.

8 weeks to SEALFIT-CMDR Mark Divine

Calling all Warriors! If you want to train and get fit like a Navy SEAL, get this book!

Starting Strength - Mark Rippetoe

This book will teach you how to lift weights properly, and perform movements in a way to avoid injury. Best book on lifting.


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