15 books every ambitious and hungry man needs to read


Read This First

Perhaps one of the most read men of our time was Theodore Roosevelt, he claimed to have read tens of thousands of books in his lifetime.

However, he said that the best books, the ones he most thoroughly enjoyed, were the ones that he wanted to read. 

I truly believe that in order to be your best and to be a leader, you have to be a reader. Reading will open your mind to whole new world. Oh, the things you can learn and enjoy. Besides, it helps you to be a more creative, imaginative person. (My own emphasis.)

I have read many articles about what books to read. A lot of books on the lists are garbage, seriously..."The Great Gatsby!"...Snooze-fest. Don't worry, it's not on the list.

That's the thing with this list. Not all of the books are going to be ones that you will read, but you will more than likely find a few that you can chew on. All of these books I have personally read, and they will help you to become a better man

Don't think you have to read everything here, in fact, I would encourage you to make your own list and share it with all of us in the comments section below. If you think there is a single important book that all of us should read then please mention that too.

Read on, and hopefully you find a book or two that will change the trajectory of your life for the better. There is no order, they are not listed from best to worst. They are simply 15 books to help you as an ambitious man.

Every man needs to have self-discipline. Who better to learn from than arguably the toughest warriors on the planet.

John uses Fitness as his platform to teach self-discipline. I seriously believe that life can be lived the way that you want it to be when you implement these lessons.

I was able to read this for free on Amazon Kindle. It has picked up a lot of traction since then though and is now only $2.99.

It is an easy read, but well written and excellent for the price.

Besides, you get to learn from a Seasoned Vet. Everything about these guys breathes discipline ambition, and confidence.

Do you want to awake the warrior within you?

Do you want to know your why? How you are wired? What your natural strengths are?

READ this book.

This book will seriously make you slow down, take an audit of your current life, and help you to discover and draw out the man you are made to be. This book is for men who are hungry to learn.

I visited SEALFIT HQ when I was out in San Diego for work. He wasn't there but I left my book and asked him to sign it. He did!

Trust me, Mark will leave you with a renewed hunger for life.

This book was written by the greatest swordsman who ever lived.

Really!! Yes, he talks about how he did it, and how to systematically take down your opponents.

This is for anyone who engages in combat, whether it be martial arts, military, law enforcement, or a man who wants to know how to defend himself.

This book is about Strategy, Swordsmanship and self-cultivation.


Put this one on your nightstand. Seriously.

This provides daily insights from some of the greatest minds alive. 

The great thing about the stoics, is that they are able to separate themselves from the culture, no matter when in time that is.

If you want to be a man who learns to be content in all circumstances regardless of status, possessions, or wealth. Then this is the book for you.

It cuts through all of the BS and punches you right square in the face. Everyday.

Check out The Daily Stoic website and sign up to receive emails in your inbox everyday. 

Learn what it takes to be successful with money.

This is one of the biggest areas of a man's life, whether you are ambitious or not.

This book will teach you how the top earners handle their money. Not only that, but their views about it and the habits they have formed.

There are 10 Rich Habits Promises, and they are taught to you through stories throughout the book.

This all might seem like common sense, but the reality is that far to many people let money control them, rather than letting money work for them.

How we handle money is related directly to our character.

6. Point of Impact (Bob Lee Swagger Novels Book 1) - Stephen Hunter

They should have left him alone.

Movie is good. Book is way better.

If you don't want to become Bob Lee Swagger after reading this book, I will be surprised.

This is a great action book filled with mystery, suspense, intrigue and the essence of a man.

I guarantee you won't put this one down once you start reading it. You will also probably go out and buy yourself a rifle.

I love this book!

Set in France during the Napoleonic Era.

Edmond Dantes experiences in one lifetime what some only dream of.

He is betrayed and exiled to an island dungeon. He meets a mentor, and escapes with revenge on his mind.

This book is really about becoming a man.

One of the greatest books of all time.

If you have ever wanted to read a book that teaches you about the origins of yourself, this is it.

Every man has a desire for 3 things in his life.

  • A battle to fight
  • An adventure to live
  • A beauty to rescue

Every man wants to be dangerous, and live dangerously, but still be good.

This is about rediscovering your passion for life.

This is a book about Leadership, and how a military officer should conduct themselves.

However, I believe this is something that every man should read and implement into their own life.

Besides, every man is a warrior right? Every man has people that he leads.

This book talks about how to handle conflict, finances, and yourself in all situations.

It is the indispensable book for a man. This is how to daily live your life.

My ambition definitely led me to this book.

I thought it was going to be cheesy, and the title is definitely catchy. The truth is, It really surprised me.

I actually learned more about money in this book than any other book I have read. 

Not necessarily how to handle it, but my view of it. If you want to make money, you need to add value.

Oh yeah, it also has all sorts of really cool ideas about creating passive income through several methods. It is told in a story format.

A millionaire teaches his hungry and ambitious protege how to make money online through various means.

Listened to this one on my drive to Kentucky to for a job interview. Needless to say, I was so fired up listening to it, I skipped the interview and turned around and drove home.

Best decision I ever made.

This book uses case studies and interviews of people who started business with only $100 or less.

A must read for the man of ambition.

I didn't even hesitate buying this book on amazon. If a man in his late 40's can get in the best shape of his life, then so can I.

Tim has a way of taking the complexity of fitness and nutrition and putting it into small bite sized pieces.

His writing style is unique and flavorful. He will teach you how to be your best.

In fact, right after I purchased the book I went to Tim's website Superfitdads.

If you are really looking to get in shape check out his course.


13. Living on the ragged edge - Charles R. Swindoll

Ambition has it's downfalls, so it's best to know the enemy.

If you are going to learn something, it's best to learn from the wisest man that ever lived.

This guy had it all, there was nothing that he couldn't acquire, achieve, or pursue. He has some very deep insights into all of his pursuits.

Although it may seem apathetic at times, the truth that he concludes in the end is what's most important.

What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.

OK, so I am doing a two for one here. I think that Admiral McRaven's books are all worth a read.

Make your bed is about the lessons that he learned in his career as a Navy SEAL. They were made famous by his commencement speech at the University of Texas. 

Spec Ops is the other book, and it gives you front-lines look into case studies of Operations, why they failed, and why they worked. Very exciting read.

I am fascinated by this man. He developed the Spartan Military training program known as the Agoge.

Not only did he fundamentally change the culture but he convinced very wealthy men to give up their money and live among the rest of the Spartans. That is incredible.

Lycurgus may or may not have been a real historical figure, but it seems that he was extremely persuasive and ambitious. 

A lot can be learned from a man like that.

This book touches on his life.

I have to admit, I am drawn to the Spartan way of life.


 Stephen Dull is an avid reader, bass player, runner, and doer of "stuff"

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