Power Up Like Megaman



Being a child of the 80’s has many perks, among them are being part of the unveiling of the original NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), The original Ghostbusters movie, the Pizza Hut book it program and being able to play Megaman in 8 bit.

Unlike most video games, where the gameplay is mostly linear and predictable, Megaman allowed you to go to any stage in the game and defeat the robot master. When you defeated the robot master you were then allowed to assume the weapon capabilities of that robot master. The other twist to the game, as was common with most NES games was that once you died, you had to start over, from the very beginning. No passwords, no respawning, no checkpoints. Start Over. Inevitably, you learned from your mistakes. In the process you also learned the best way to beat the robot masters, and each master had weaknesses opposite their strengths. For example, Ice man could be easily defeated using Fire man’s weapon. It was a lesson in understanding your enemy and coming up with a strategy to defeat them.

Much like the original Megaman our lives can be approached the same way. We get to choose our own path, however, what we usually do is end up living a linear and predicatble life, just like everyone else. We have the same pattern of living, yet we expect to have a different outcome. We take the pattern of the world.

The linear, mundane, life-sucking pattern of the world, goes something like this: elementary school, middle school, high school, college (maybe), enter the workforce for 45 years, retire and get to do what you love (If you're not dead). Sounds magical when you say it out loud doesn't it? What often gets lost in between is our soul and sense of adventure.

Want to know a secret? You don't have to live the same as everyone else, or for anyone else. You get to set your limits, adventures, and pursuits. In fact the 360ManProject promotes indpendent thought and a slighlty rebellious attitude. Most people will cringe when they hear that word, and quite possibly hold you in contempt.

Good thing you are not like most people, you are different

Time to Power up!

How to power up like Megaman

  1. Learn to fail (learn)

  2. As someone who was voted least likely to graduate and succeed, failure is something that I have become aquainted with, especially when I was younger. I got F's in most of my classes, failed with money, with relationships, business ventures, jobs, exercise and eating. I don't look at it as failure anymore. I look at it as learning. (Learn to learn)

    • Tim Ferris, author of The Four Hour Workeek, was turned down by 25 publishers before becoming a New York Times bestseller
    • Steve Kamb, creator of NerdFitness, hated his job so much, that he would read Harry Potter in the front seat of his company truck, while he was supposed to be selling for them. Now he leads a rebel army of desk jockeys, nerds and average joes, teaching them how to level up their life.
    • Insert your failure story here

    • Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.

      - Napoleon Hill

  1. Keep challenging yourself

  2. When you "learn to learn", you begin to take on bigger challenges. Learning builds confidence, and allows you to get over the fear you may have initially had when undertaking something new.

    • Do you want to run a Spartan race? Then start training for it. New to exercise and not sure where to start? Try the 360Man Beginner Bodyweight Workout
    • Instead of always thinking you have to pay money for something, try doing it yourself. Don't know how? Learn by watching YouTube videos, or go to your local library and read a book. It might be hard work, but you want to make your own path right?
    • In the picture at the beginning of this post is Megaman with rings around him. These rings represent comfort zones or our ever expanding limits. Every time we take on a challenge and use it to grow we create a larger ring around us.If we don't challenge ourselves or have some sort of adversity, we will not be forced to change, or grow. What ring are you at? What is your next challenge?
  1. Find other MegaMen

  2. Not everyone is going to want to challenge themselves or try and move out of their comfort zone. Let's face it, it's difficult. Sometimes it requires us to do some work or face up to the truth. A little over five years ago, I was overweight, unhealthy and pretty miserable. I knew that it wasn't the life that I wanted. I lacked motivation, felt isolated. had over $50,000 in debt, and no plans of ever breaking through. In a sense, I was hopeless.

    • Tap into your innermost desires. Think about what you really want in life. Find other people who have that same desire.
    • As men, we have to be connected to other men. As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another - Proverbs 27:17
    • Worth Dying For, a book by former Navy SEAL Commander Rorke Denver, covers the topic of brotherhood in a chapter titled "Why We Fight"

      I am committed to this team, the fellow warriors who fight at my side. They—the brotherhood we share—are why I serve.

      Every great military unit is its own special tribe. For SEALS the tribe is made up of the SEAL teams that share a common ethos or code: members subjugate individual needs to the needs of the group. And it’s the good of the tribe that rises above the preferences of any individual. This is key. In the SEALs, we call it the brotherhood.

      We teach this special unity in basic training and drive it home every single day after that: “Take care of your buddy.” “Team before individual.” “No one is ever left behind.” These are non-negotiables. We are not going to leave a fallen comrade on the battlefield, no matter what. Can the zealots we fight say that?

Powering up your life, is a conscious decision. Are you going to remain in a stagnant, morose, catatonic state? Do you want to continue with business as usual?

Do you want to chase your dreams and desires? It may seem like they are distant, but they are not. It's about getting a plan, staying committed to it, and working hard to achieve it. The older I get the more I realize that our thoughts control 90% of whatever outcome we desire. What are you thinking about? What are you telling yourself?

Is there something that you really want to do? Do you want to make today the day you change your life? Is today the day that you start making health and fitness a permanent positive staple in your daily life? Are you tired of losing the battle with finances, living paycheck to paycheck, making good money, but never having enough? Is today the day, that you find like-minded people to help you achieve your goals and share life with in the process?

Go for it, be Limitless, and don't stop at anything to make it happen! Sign up for the 360ManProject and stay motivated.

What is the one thing you are going to do today? Let us know how are you going to power up?



photo credit: Amiibo: Mega Man via photopin (license)

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