The 3 step process for physical transformation: What every man needs to know

                 The struggle is real

                 The struggle is real

Unless you are prepared to give up something valuable you will never be able to truly change at all, because you’ll be forever in the control of things you cant give up
— Andy Law

the truth about transformation

In the Spring of 2011, I had just completed my Bachelors Degree in mechanical Engineering, found out my wife and I were pregnant with our first daughter. I was 28 years old. Yes, I was the oldest guy in my college classes, and yes, I had gray hair.

I had a weird month long bout of depression, almost as if I was decrompressing from all of the stress that I had endured for the past 4 years. Maybe it was because, I was 25 lbs. overweight, $55,000 in debt, and discouraged that I had spent the past 4 years studying mechanical engineering just to find out that it wasn't what really got my blood pumping. Whatever it was, I was overwhelmed, constricted,...drowning.

You know those moments, when you know you need to do something, you just wish you had a clear direction, or a guide to show you the way. That was where I was at. I knew that something needed to change...I had the "Dad-Bod", and the matching bank account. My lack of physical fitness was directly proportional to the amount of debt I was in.

What's a guy to do? So,...I went on a search to discover how to get in shape, pay off debt and find something I was truly passionate about.

I started reading fitness magazines, and tried various workouts like "Insanity". I started taking proteins and mass gainers. I read about all types of workout routines, "How to get six-pack abs in 30 days", or "lose 30 pounds in 30 days". After I did all that I was even more confused.

The pressure was on, Sally Mae wanted her money, I wasn't making any progress with my weight or fitness. My work was stressing me out, I was unhappy and unfulfilled. I knew that my habits and routines had gotten me to where I was, but I still felt trapped.

I had all but given up when something I least expected happened. A mentor appeared. The old adage is true, "when the student is ready, the master will appear".

Know your Why

My mentor (I can't reveal his name so we'll just call him Frogman) showed up when I was at my lowest point, awakening my inner warrior, and provoked the "fire in the gut" as he called it.

As we had our first conversation, he looked me directly in the eye and said. What is your "why". I didn't understand his question so I said, "my why, what?" "Let me clarify" Frogman said. "What I mean is, when you have nothing left, when the storms of life are raging, when everything seems to be going everyone elses way but yours, when you feel like quitting...What is it that is going to keep you going?"

When you are going after a goal that you have set for yourself. Knowing the reason behind the goal is what will keep you going. Your "why" will give you the firepower to fight back the naysayers and personal demons that will whisper in your ear.

This was not an easy question to answer and took me several days to come up with it, but once I got it, I got it. There are two ways to find your "why".

  1. Write down your goal
    • Write down all the positive things that can be gained from achieving this goal
    • Write down all the negative that can RESULT from NOT achieving this goal
    • List all of the assets that you have in your arsenal. (i.e. support groups, teammates, anything that can help you)
  2. Ask yourself these 4 questions:
    • What is your greatest weakness?...For me it was Dr.pepper and the fast food dollar menu.
    • What is your greatest Strength?
    • Are you willing to guard your workout time? Other people are going to want your time, and not understand. They might even make you feel guilty. You have to have the confidence and commitment. Think about the answer that you will give them.
    • If everything in my life was stripped away from me,...what would be left?

Make a Plan

The next thing he told me to do was to make a plan. Without a plan, you will just drift aimlessly, hoping that things turn out the way you expect.

Plan your work, and work your plan
— Napoleon Hill

This kids book is so simple, yet effective in helping someone appraoch a problem, setback or challenge. I love it and would highly encourage you to read it. Let us know what you think @MaxxDull

         12 week Transformation

         12 week Transformation


I wasn't really sure how to make a plan, so I asked Frogman if he could help me. He handed me a pen and a paper. Then, he said "Write it down, start with the goal that you want to achieve".

My goal was to have six-pack abs, maybe that was shallow, but I had never had them, and always wanted them. 

Next, I wrote out the things I thought I would need to achieve that goal.

  1. Determine the best time to workout
  2. Make sure you always have a workout bag ready to go.
  3. Be selfish with your workout time, it is meant to make your body stronger
  4. Commit to at least 12 weeks of training
  5. Be consistent
  6. Remember your "Why"

execute the plan

Seems sinple enough right. This is probably the hardest step. The advice that Frogman gave me will forever be in my mind. He told me to remember the 4 C's.

  1. Clarity - Define the goal, keep it simple and concise
  2. Confidence - Have confidence in your plan
  3. Commitment - Commit to the plan
  4. Courage - Have the courage to get after it

Some insider tips to Assist with your transformation

  1. Treat all workouts like training
  2. Change the way you eat, cut out all unnatural sugars
  3. Stop drinking beer
  4. Get a trainer or accountability partner
  5. Have a steel resolve

Let me know if there is any way I can help you as you work towards your transformation.