5 books that will set your dreams on fire

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the the life you’ve imagined
— Henry David Thoreau

Go after your Dreams

What I have found is that most people know what they want, they know what their dream is, but very few have the desire to chase it.

The one piece of advice that I can give you is to START today. Do one thing that is going to move you towards what it is you really want to do.

It is your life, if you don't like it change it, do something about it.

I have been in your shoes, and I was just drifting aimlessly through life, but I started to take massive action. I learned about Lifestyle Design, and what it means. All it really is, is a fancy way of saying Simplify and streamline your life around the things that add most value to it.

For me, it was Getting in shape, paying off debt, getting rid of clutter and junk in my house that I didn't need, and learning to say NO to the things that did not align with the life that I visualized. Call it selfish, I call it realistic and assertive.

After all, freedom promotes freedom. Form follows function.

In the beginning of my quest for knowledge, I began reading some great books. Most of them I found by chance, one of them I devoured in a Chipotle parking lot, one on a drive to a job interview that I never went to (because of the book). 

They all spoke life into me, and helped me to realize that this life is all I have to make a difference and do what I was made to do. Why waste it locked into a place where I have no desire to be. A place and life that saps my creative spark, and drains my energy.

If you can even vagualy relate to me, then I implore you to read these 5 books.


What if someone told you that you could ask for anything and it would be given to you? What would you choose?

Would you choose wisdom? That's what Solomon chose. I am grateful for his choice, because without it, I'm not sure that we would have such a great road map.

This book is an account of Solomon's life, exploits, discoveries, disappointments and the conclusions that he comes to about life.

It is a walk through the book of Ecclesiastes with one of the greatest biblical minds. Even those that are turned of to religion and spirituality will find practical advice to implement into their own life.

I believe that this is the best "self-help" book available to mankind. Don't waste your life on anything else but the truth.

After all, it's all meaningless, it's like chasing after the wind.



1 UP

I mainly picked up this book, because I am a fan of NerdFitness. One day I was browsing the internet for workout programs and I came across this little gem of a website.

I really liked what Steve had to say, and what he was doing. (Trying to take over the world).

I signed up for his weekly emails, and blog posts. I still read them and enjoy the excellent content.

He came out with a book and in typical Steve Flare promoted it with fanfare. He is a real life James Bond.

Steve started NerdFitness as just a blog, and it has now blossomed into a six-figure business. 99% of everything on his website is 100% FREE. 

He has created Something called the NerdFitness Academy and has just released a new program called Rising Heroes and man, does it look cool.



Do you have something that you want to finish? Do you start creating goals only to relinquish them to the crushing demands of life, or the endless excuses that you create.

My friend Jason tells it like this:

"As children, our passions came easy. We would doodle for hours and hours and we didn't know what the word 'editing' meant. As we got older, our passions were pushed aside for the busyness of life, for the fear of failure, for poor excuses. Unfinished, is a book for hopeful creative's to reclaim their passions; to Dream, Complete and Repeat Their Life's Work even when life gets busy and the excuses to NOT complete projects are endless."

Jason, is an extremely talented writer, and very down to earth. He is also an amazing guitarist. From the very introduction of this book, his words will capture your attention.

Don't leave your life unfinished.



Don't show up to your next job interview

I picked this book up right before I drove 4 hours to a job interview. I never went in, I drove all the way their, drove up to the building, turned right back around and drove back.

I finished the book in the car, since I was listening to an audio version. Between Chris, Steve, and Tim Ferris, they all have sent me down a path to discovering what I was made to do,

All of them helped me to look at the world a little differently. This was the first book on that journey.

Chris, decided one day, he just wasn't going to work for anyone else again, and began selling items on ebay, then he started doing other odd jobs, sold the things in his apartment, and then went on a quest to travel to all the countries in the world.

So, if you are looking to live life a little differntly, and about alternative opportunties, look no further.


Lifestyle Design & The New Rich

This is the book that I read in the Chipotle parking lot. I could not put this one down. As you know, Tim is a phenom in the entrepreneurial world, and has since become a guru of marketing, adventure, life-hacking, body-hacking etc..

He actually just released a book called "Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers"

I have not read it yet, but it is on my reading list. I will give a detailed review of it when I am complete.

The 4-Hour Workweek is the what set it all in motion though. Tim explains that there is a new breed of people going against the culture and creating their own rules. These people are called the NR or New Rich.

They value substance over stuff, and doing what they love instead of being part of the daily grind for the next 35 years, hoping that they make it to retirement to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

At the age of 65, most people are dead, or have something that prevents them from doing the things that they have always wanted to do.

This book is definitely unconventional, but Tim challenges you to think outside what culture has deemed normal.


Hope you enjoy this list. I am always adding books to my reportoire. If you have any books that you would reccommend or want a review on, let me know.