So you want to do a GORUCK: How to prepare and gear up for your next GORUCK Light


I wasn’t ever going to sign up for a GORUCK, mainly because I thought, what the heck for, if I want to go Rucking, I can just throw a backpack on and go walk a couple miles. Same thing right? NOPE.

I am part of an awesome community group for men called F3. I didn’t really even know what rucking was until I got involved with them.

At its core, it is loading a ruck pack with weight (typically 30-60#) and walking long distances at a fast pace, typically to reach a target destination (Specific Coordinates) by a set time.

It sounds simple, and yes, if it was to be done as a simple linear test, meaning, putting on a backpack and walking 3-4 miles, then it would be.

Fortunately there is much more to rucking, especially a GORUCK.

So what is a GORUCK?

It is a great standard of Fitness for Men

Rucking is unique in the way that it tests your fitness and endurance.


The average person’s workout in the gym might consist of a bench press some dumbbell flye’s, dumbbell press, and maybe some curls or something. (Some of this is non value added, more on that later)

However, the greatest thing you can do for yourself is surprise your body by carrying a load of 30-60 pounds on your back for a couple miles, one or two times a week.

It really changes things up.

With that kind of load, you won’t be able to move and function like you would without a load, it’s difficult to run and shouldn’t be done until after you have been doing it a while.

I found this great article from Mountain Tactical institute for all of you nerds that like data (yep that’s me too), that breaks down some of the physical attributes related to rucking:


It is FUN!!

Rucking is fun, especially if you do it with others. You only need one or two people to do it with you, or you can do it alone. The best thing to do though is to sign up for a GORUCK Event.

Like I said before, I was reluctant, but I am glad I did. I learned so much about myself and how to better lead people.

It's not just a physical thing, it is grit, perseverance, leadership, confidence and fellowship all rolled into one event.

There will be people from all walks of life involved in the event, it's not just for accomplished atyhletes or special forces soldiers. Those guys are typically the cadres, and they are way cooler than you might think. They are not there to see you quit, they are there to make you better, and you are going to do hard stuff.

It is mental

"Mind over matter, if you don't mind, then it doesn't matter" - US Navy SEAL's

Most people don’t even like lifting weights, or carrying a heavy load for a couple miles. Only mentally tough people carry loads for miles, and for hours throughout the night and day.

morning ruck across the maumee river, led by cobra and myself

morning ruck across the maumee river, led by cobra and myself

It’s one thing to carry a log on your shoulder for a mile, but when you have to constantly be carrying weight for 4, 6 or even 12 hours, your mind starts to mess with you. It will want you to quit, and that is why a GORUCK Light event is a great place to start, because it is team focused, and everyone is going to help you succeed. It’s good to know in those times of doubt that someone else is suffering right along with you.

The F3 Toledo group that I belong to do a ruck 2 times a week. We try to get as creative as we can, and challenge ourselves more ad more each week.

If you can find and F3 Group in your area I would highly suggest joining them for their beat-downs and rucks. You will build and fortify your mind through physical challenges and endurance events.

This is truly the only way to get better.

What Gear do I need?

  • A Ruck Sack – It needs to be sturdy and designed for rucking. You need to have space to store a camelback or water bladder, some snacks, and an extra water bottle and clothes if you happen to get wet. You want one with shoulder straps and a waist strap also, since most of the weight should rest on your hips. I recommend the GORUCK: GR1, GR2, or Rucker packs. 


  • Hydration Bladder – You can really go all out here if you want, but you don’t need anything too fancy, just something that is 2-3L, and also with an insulated tube, because you don’t want the water to freeze if you are in freezing temperatures (I’ve had this happen to me.) I recommend this Hydration Bladder from Amazon.


  • Shoes or Boots – If you are rucking with lower weight (anything under 35#) you can wear a comfortable trail shoe like the Salomon X-Ultra 2, which are perfect for rucking. However if you are going to have heavier weight and plan on doing more rucking, an investment in some Rocky Military Boots is the way to go. (This is what I use.)




Next Steps: Taking Action

FroM Left to right: Stark, Cobra, Schizo, Monopoly, Me (tots) : Before the mogadishu mile at  molon labe crossfit

FroM Left to right: Stark, Cobra, Schizo, Monopoly, Me (tots) : Before the mogadishu mile at molon labe crossfit

Since you are reading this, and made it this far down then I know that you are a man of action, and are ready to take the next steps.

Action steps that you can do right now, TODAY:


GORUCK Training Guide

8 Weeks to RUCKFIT



That's it, let me know what event you sign up for and how it goes for you.

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- Stephen