10 Navy SEAL books for men who want to push their limits and succeed on a higher level



It's another post about Navy SEAL's.

This time it's about the books. I enjoy reading and learning about the SEAL's. 

The mindset and discipline of these men is what draws me to them. They are taught to press on despite obstacles, and to quiet the noise around them so that they can focus on their mission.

The way that they approach problems, to how physically fit they are. You can't help but be somewhat curious about these men who do not know how to fail.

They are not special in any way, they just don't quit. They are common men with an uncommon desire to succeed.

Most of us quit at the first sign of opposition, or the second we think our workouts at the gym are too hard or inconvenient.

These men train for opposition and inconvenience, in other words, instead of trying to be comfortable, they train in uncomfortable situations until nothing is uncomfortable to them.

One of my favorite Navy Seal Quotes quotes is: "Mind over matter, if you don't mind it doesn't matter."

We don't do things because they bother us, or because they make us feel uncomfortable, or they are different. However, if we just teach ourselves not to make a big deal out of it, it won't even matter.

The books that are on this list give you a glimpse into the mindset and discipline of these fine warriors.

Fearless: The undaunted courage and ultimate sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown

This is the story of a Navy SEAL named Adam brown. It is possibly one of the best stories that I have ever read. Adam was a lost cause, and most of us would have given up on him, but his family and life helped him through the toughest and lowest points in his life.

He was able to overcome all of those challenges and become a Navy SEAL operator. Later he would lose one of his eyes and the use of his shooting hand. Even that didn’t stop him and he was able to work through those challenges to become part of the most elite unit of SEAL’s. A SEAL Team 6 team member.

This is well written and you won’t want to put it down.

The Warrior Elite: The forging of SEAL Class 228

This is an inside story into the life of a Navy SEAL BUD’s candidate. In this book Dick Couch follows a BUD’s team all the way through the training program. You will get a firsthand account of what goes on in their training, why people quit, and why people stay, and what it takes to make it through.

Dick Couch was a Navy SEAL, and now he writes about them, you can’t get much better than that.

Navy SEAL's: Their Untold Story

This is a history book, it covers the origination of the Navy SEAL’s all the way to the early late 2000’s. You will find that there is no team better than the other. The training has remained the same. Difficult, challenging and made to make people quit. The early guys didn’t have all the cool equipment but they improvised and still did crazy stuff to get the job done.

This will give you a new found respect for the SEAL’s and the reasons for the things they do.

Self Discipline: The ultimate guide to discipline like a US Navy SEAL

Most people want discipline, but they don't know how to get it.

This is a very comprehensive breakdown of what it takes to have discipline. It is clear concise and broken down into bite size pieces.

That is how Navy SEAL's tell you how to approach anything. Break a large goal into very small bite sized pieces. It is easier to move 1% than it is 100%

John's writing is very instructional and will help you to understand how to create discipline for yourself.

Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual

If you havn't heard of Jocko Willink yet, I would be suprised.

He has a couple books out, but this is his book about mindset and how he approaches life and his day.

If you are looking for a wake up call, and some tough talk, this book is for you. I like Jocko's mindset, if you like what I say here on the website than you will enjoy this book too.

Jocko also has workout plans in the back of the book. They are besstly and I have done them. 

This should be required reading for everyone.

The Finishing School

This is the sequel to his other novel The Warrior Elite.

That book followed SEAL's through their initial training. This one follows them through the tactical training.

Diving, shooting, munitions, weapons, fighting.

Then it follows them into their training deeper when they are sent to the teams to learn even more about what it's like to really be a Navy SEAL.

Once again, it is told by Dick Couch, a former Navy SEAL himself.

Breaking BUD's: How regular guys can become Navy SEAL's

This is the SEAL Bible, or encyclopedia.

Anything you ant to know, it's in here. Great detail and everything you ever anted to know about what it takes to go through Navy SEAL Training.

Told with humor, and wisdom from being a Navy SEAL. This is the most detailed book on SEAL training there is.

Although you may never be a SEAL, you can still train and learn like them. 

If you do want to be a SEAL then this is required reading.

How to shoot like a NAVY SEAL

Best book on shooting I have ever read.

This book is not going to reveal anything different as far as gun safety goes, but it is told in an easy to grasp manner.

Chris also takes you into some of his years as an instructor and breaks don shooting in a more methodical approach.

He has tips and a professional tone to his writing.

You are going to learn a lot and have a new love for shooting.

If you don't know how to shoot, or have never shot a weapon then you need to read this and then sign up for a class or find a friend to take you out shooting.

You will want to after reading this.

SEAL Survival Guide

You never know when something is going to happen, and it will. If you live long enough you will experience a disaster at some point.

You need to be prepared when that happens. 

Learn to improvise weapons from everyday items ,pack a go bag, escape mass-shootings , treat injuries at the scene, subdue a hijacker,  survive extreme climates , travel safely abroad,  defend against animal attacks , survive pandemic ,  and much more.

Most people die because they are unprepared, and unequipped. Don't be that person. Be a survivor. No one is exempt.

Suffer in Silence

I included this one for fun.

It is a fictional account of SEAL Training, but it covers the full training.

You will feel like you are at BUD's training right alongside these guys, and it will make you want to start training.

The instructors ill do anything to make these candidates quit. Endless runs in the sand, burpees, push-ups, log PT, and boat training.

Do they have what it takes to complete this training, or is somethign else going on?

Hope enjoy these nuggets of wisdom from some of the nations greatest warriors.

Thanks for reading,


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