The Art of Getting After it

This morning I didn’t want to get out of bed.

Like most people, I like the warmth and comfort of my blankets, my wife’s body pressed against mine and her arms wrapped around me.

Big spoon and little spoon… I like to be the big spoon.

I keep a spatula on the side of my bed just within arms reach for precisely these types of days. You know, the ones where the alarm clock goes off way to early, and the day is starting before you are awake.

That was me this morning, dry crusty saliva on the corner of my mouth, little clingons in the corners of my eyes. Why did morning have to come so early?

A Little Background

I start every weekday plus every Saturday at 4:05 am. Ridiculous, I know.

Why would anyone want to get up so early in the morning, especially on weekends?

The answer…I don’t know.

The reality…because I can’t think of anything anything else more rewarding.

This idea of getting up early tends to make people feel a little uncomfortable. 
It’s almost sounds like hard work. It sounds like we would have to give something up. That makes us cringe.

What are the Benefits?

I’ve done a little research on this. Most of the things aren’t new, but I don’t want you to take my word for it. Take the word of someone who has created a following of people devoted to waking up early and Getting after it.

Enter Jocko Willink. Navy Seal. Podcaster. Author. Badass.

Why is it so important for people to get up early in the morning? What are the benefits?

Just on a practical side, if you wake up early in the morning — like at 4:30 in the morning — you’re going to have some free time to yourself to make things happen, to take care of things that are important to you — Jocko Willink (Author of Extreme ownership)
The other benefit is “straight-up self-discipline”

What his morning routine looks like

Jocko starts his day at 4:30 am. He posts a picture of his wristwatch on twitter, letting everyone know he is a man of his word.

He then does an intense workout until 6:00 am, it is a mixture of weight training with cardio, also better know as multi-modal training, that similar to what the Navy SEAL’s actually do.

Then he spends some time surfing or swimming, or he goes to work at his Leadership company Echelon Front.

Jocko also has a podcast. It has gained huge momentum. He continuously puts out killer content, and has 3 books.

Extreme Ownership

Way of the Warrior Kid: From wimpy to warrior the Navy SEAL way

Discipline Equals Freedom: A Field Manual



Jocko’s catchphrase is “Discipline = Freedom”

What does that mean? It means if you have the discipline to get up in the morning and workout, read, study or get active in some sort of way. You will find the freedom to do other things that you want to do.

If you do your homework sooner, you will have the freedom to go out and do fun stuff later.

Work hard. Then Enjoy.

Its a mindset, a lifestyle. The key.

Discipline is the gateway. Freedom is the reward.

Do you want a guarantee from a Navy SEAL?

Jocko Says: “It’s really hard to guarantee things in life. I guarantee if you get up in the morning and you work out and you work hard, you will have a better day — 100% guaranteed.”
The discipline comes in in setting a schedule and sticking to it so that your day begins with an energizing accomplishment, not a demoralizing stretch of time where you lie in bed and hit snooze on your alarm a few times. Every morning should start off with a predictable routine.
“And that’s the way that you own it,” he said. “Because once the day starts, well, then other people get to have a vote in what you’re doing.”

What I do.

I barely graduated high school, I was undisciplined and rebellious. I am still rebellious but in a disciplined way.

I joined the Navy at age 18, served 4 years and was honorably discharged. The Navy helped me to understand the importance of discipline.

I went to school to be an Engineer, and let myself deteriorate.

4 years ago, I decided something needed to change, so I started getting up at 4:05 am.

I workout with my friend Jonathan from 4:30 am to around 6:00 am, then I shower, eat a big protein breakfast and go to work.

I have found that I have more energy, focus, passion, drive and success.

For me, it has helped my mind the most. I used to sit and wish I was active, or wish I could do more.

It really changes you from the inside out.

Get after it!



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