The 3 Biggest Enemies of the Modern Man👨, and how to Fight them

There is an ever present enemy in the lives of Men.

We don't even realize our enemy has taken a hold of our lives...this is a problem.

We have become so complacent. Everything is ready made, fast, convenient, and right at our fingertips.

There are good things and bad things that arise, mostly bad. We have slowly learned to rely on our phones, tablets, and computers for everything. Yes, there are good reasons, but the truth is, we need these things because we have a slight addiction.

There are 3 enemies that relentlessly pursue the hearts and minds of men. They are so slight, barely noticeable. 

  1. Comfort
  2. Convenience
  3. The lies we believe that make us think we need them


We like comfort, it seems counter intuitive to do anything that requires us to produce more energy than we are used to. In a sense we are like electrons.

I believe that we have become too comfortable with our lives. Unfortunately we grind our way to work in the morning, chugging coffee, a few McDonald's breakfast sandwiches, and listening to crappy talk shows or radio stations. 

We don't necessarily like it, but it's comfortable. We get up, go to work, get fast food for lunch, go back to work, get home, order pizza or go out to eat, then we watch Netflix or TV until bedtime. We might even drink a Mt. Dew or a Coke while we are relaxing. 

That's comfort. Deep down, we know it's really not. But it makes us feel good for a while right. It makes us happy for a couple hours, until we do it all over again the next day.

Comfort is a lie, and it is the death of the modern man. It's killing me and it's killing you.

There are ways to practice being uncomfortable. Really, it's just about doing things you wouldn't normally do, because it is easier to do what is convenient.

When it is raining outside we use umbrellas, try to look for closer parking places, or have someone pick us up so we don't have to walk in the rain.

  • Try running in the rain. I ran 8 miles the other day in the middle of a thunderstorm, lightning was crashing and thunder was roaring. It was extremely liberating. 
  • Try abstaining from eating a meal that you really like. Instead eat something else in a smaller portion. This one is tough, and uncomfortable. 
  • If you want to learn how to do something new, don't wait for someone to teach you and show you. Start figuring it out. Fail quickly, so you learn.


By Jesse Itzler

Jesse Itzler wrote a book called "Living with a SEAL", and just as the title says, he had a Navy SEAL come and live with him and his family for 31 days. There was only one stipulation. He had to do everything that the SEAL asked him to do. Everything.

One of the hardest workouts that he had to do was a 4/4/48.

What does that mean? It means they ran 4 miles, every 4 hours, for 48 hours.

I don't recommend trying this unless you like running and have at least done a marathon.

I have not tried this yet, but it's on the list. I will probably complete this before the end of the year.

One of the other things that they did was jump in a freezing lake through a hole that was cut through the ice. You want to talk about uncomfortable. Cold weather and cold water always makes people question their life.

People with a soft mentality disgust me. They live and die the same person they were made.
— David Goggins

David Goggins was the name of the SEAL who came and lived with Jesse. He doesn't like a lot of attention, and he doesn't do things to garner attention. He does them because he likes to suffer, and he believes that through suffering is when we really find out who we are. There is joy in suffering.

Check out David Goggins here.

I got a free copy of Living with a SEAL from Jesse Itzler himself. At the time, he was teamed up with Joel Runyon of IMPOSSIBLEHQ, and they were raising money for a school for Pencils of Promise.

Joel Runyon talks about how convenience and comfort have killed us. In fact he came up with the IMPOSSIBLE list, much like my 100 Impossible Lifetime Goals. The things that he has done and accomplished in such a small amount of time are staggering.

Joel ran 7 ultra-marathons on all 7 continents and raised almost $200,000 to build schools for children. 

These three men have inspired me to push my limits more than anyone else has. If you want to really get away from comfort and convenience in your life, start following these guys and connect with them. Start hanging around people that are going to push you.

You can follow Jesse Itzler here:


Convenience is having our lives on auto-pilot. Decisions are pre-made for us. We have gone from an intellectual, thought provoking culture, to an "I want it now culture."

Doesn't that make you a little sick?

A plane that is on autopilot can get off one degree, after a while that one degree results in thousands of miles. That's what happens to us with convenience. We barely notice that we are way off our original course.

There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death.
— Proverbs 14:12

How do we combat convenience? 

Become Dangerous, Become Good.

No, fitness doesn't necessarily prepare you for life, but it does help you to overcome challenges and re-frames the way you approach problems. Not everyone who works out is good.

Don't take the easy way out. 

If you are invited on a rock climbing trip, don't say "no" because you are afraid or because you don't know how. Just do it. When you have to get something from the store and you only live a mile away. Run.

You can take a course, or get an online coach or whatever to help you build "mental toughness", you can get the newest diet, or the newest fitness program. Whatever you want. The reality though, is that it's convenient. What you really have to do is hard work.

I have people ask me all the time. What are some quick workouts that I can do because I hate cardio and lifting weights? I really don't want to set unrealistic goals. Everything in moderation. Moderation is important. STOP!! Re-read that sentence. Does that sound like someone who is serious? Does it sound like that person is committed to what they are asking? How is moderation working out for them, how's it working out for you? Exactly.

The question I have for those people is this: When are you going to start being serious?

Training to be Dangerous: Why convenience is the enemy

The Lies we believe that make us think we need them



There are lots of lies that we think we need to believe, in fact most of them are manufactured by people who use those lies to control and persuade others to purchase, do, or say what they want them to.

This really makes my blood boil. Most of the "Stuff" in this life is just one huge distraction. Everything is specially designed to alter your priorities, make you fat, unhealthy, drive you deeper in debt, and make you believe that you have to be someone you are not.

What a crock of crap.

If you really want to combat this, and making your life matter. You need to be legacy minded. In other words, everything that you look at and do should be viewed through the 100 year lens. This is called wisdom.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Join an F3 group in your Area. If you don't have one, start one.
  2. Start raising money or get involved with a charity to do something on their behalf. The more challenging the better.

The 100 year lens, helps you to focus on something bigger than yourself. It allows you to approach problems or circumstances with a long-term view. Most of the time we get caught up in the here and now, but if we start asking ourselves the question: "Will this really matter in 100 years?"

As a matter of fact, will it even matter in a year?

Leave a legacy for your children and those around you. Be a warrior, one devoted to great causes and making yourself and others better. Lead where you are at, with what you have.

Don't lean on convenience and comforts. They won't always be there. Enjoy life without them. The closer we get to our roots, the original man. The more free we will be and feel.

Be good, be dangerous, be a 360Man.