Intentional Preparation: How to Start your Day before it Happens.


I believe that preparation is essential for success.

You have to know where you are going, and you have to do everything you can to ensure that you get there.

Preparation for something is almost always more important than the thing itself.

Especially when it comes to physical exercise.

Most people quit a workout program before they even have time to give it a chance. As you know if you have read anything about New Years resolutions, only around 8% of people actually see them through to completion.

Why do you think that is?

Some people believe that exercise is like paying the rent, or paying the "Man". In fact Josh Bridges, CrossFit Games athlete uses  #payhim in almost all of his Instagram posts.

If you view exercise as paying the rent, you might have more of a chance of doing it.

However, I don't believe that it's necessarily like paying rent, I view it as something that is going to change my life, for the better. It is going to help me live better, healthier, and more fully than I could if I didn't.

A man should workout for the strength, grit, and resilience that it will allow him to create in his life.

Then again, I believe that the 8% that see their fitness goals through to the end of the year are people that intentionally prepare their day before it happens.

They start preparing well before they actually have to get up and workout.

  • A person who is successful, focuses on their goals, and the systems that they put in place to achieve those goals.
  • A person who is wise, devises a plan to get there

It's no special trick, or gift. It's just intentional.

I want you to be successful with workout program and in life, so here is exactly the method that I use every single day to be successful according to my goals and the lifestyle that I want to lead.

Start with a journal


The type of journal doesn't really matter, so don't get hung up on that.

However, if you can't get past it then I recommend two journals and that's it.

  • This Moleskin Journal - $8.99 on It's very basic, but it is what I mostly use for day to day.
  • The Best Self Journal - This is geared more for people who are procrastinators and need some help to get stuff done. It's the best one I have found for an affordable price.

You can use a five star notebook from Walmart if you want, the important thing here is that you are writing stuff down. The stuff you need to be writing down is an Action Plan.

You need to start every day, the night before.

At the end of each day, you should write down the top 3 biggest tasks for the next day, and prioritize them. 

Then write down the rest of the items that you need to do. Only write down a max of 10 things. Never more.

Then, when you wake up the next morning with your hair looking like a birds nest, at least your mind won't be. You can look at the journal and know exactly what you need to execute on.

Knock out every one of your tasks starting with priority number one. (By the way, exercise is not a task, it is a necessity, so don't put it down as a task.)

Set out your workout clothes and your daily clothes the night before


This is going to save you lot's of time in the morning.

You won't be fumbling around in the darkness trying to find your socks, you just know exactly where they are and what you are going to be wearing.

You wan't your day to be as efficient as possibly. Remember this: Execute. Execute. Execute.

Preparation is key, and chance favors the prepared.

The difference between men who get stuff done, and men who don't is preparation and execution.

Does it matter what kind of clothes you wear?

Yes, it does.

Wear clothes that you want to wear, not clothes someone else tells you to wear, or because you thin someone else will like what you are wearing. That's what boys and nice guys do.

Know what your workout is going to be in the morning, and what your training for

crossfit 1.jpeg

One of my favorite superheros is Batman. 

Do you know why?

He is always prepared, and exceptionally efficient. Oh yeah, he is also one of the only superheroes that is just a man, with no special powers. He just get's shit done.

He is a gentleman, he's smart, strategic, methodical, strong, he faces his fears and a he is a bad-ass. 

How do you prepare to carry a 100# of body armor?

You get your lazy butt off the couch and make it happen.

Never wander into a gym without a plan. 

Never miss two workouts in a row.

Never ever use a weight machine.

You want to make sure that your day is bulletproof. Don't waste time that you don't need to be wasting.

Having a workout program is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. You don't want to have to think, you just want to do.

Don't be the dude wandering around the gym on his phone, or staring at other people, or trying to copy move for move what the gorilla in the gym is doing.

Things to remember


Everything that you want in life is going to take intentional preparation.

Stuff doesn't just magically happen or take care of itself.

If you want to succeed and start your days off right, then you need to remember these 3 things:

  • Get a Journal, and use it.
  • Set Your Clothes out the night before
  • Know exactly what your workout is going to be the night before

- Stephen

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