The Epic Battle that is your life: Discipline is the only path to overcoming anything

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I saw an ad yesterday for something about unlocking the power of your mind to achieve and do anything. This ad said you could make a million dollars if you just figured out how to unlock your brain.

It made me think, if this was so revolutionary and really worked, why isn’t everyone doing it and earning millions?

I already knew the answer though. It’s because it doesn’t work.

There are a whole lot of programs and people promising you a whole lot of things and then underwhelming you with things that you already knew you needed to do.

The only difference is, they learned how to market the information in a whole different way to make you think they had the key to success.

I have never promised anyone anything on this website that is not the truth, and I never will.

There are no shortcuts to anything in life, and I have seen that proved over and over. There are however, instances where people happen to be in the right place at the right time for certain things to happen, but you can bet that they have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to be able to respond and notice that opportunity.

I believe in hard work, consistency, and discipline.

Those are characteristics that cannot be taken from you, these are the truth.

All I have ever wanted in my life is the truth, I have made it my personal mission to seek it. When you do that, you unavoidably understand and know when something is not.

Truths are the things that there is no law for, there is nothing that can overcome them or prevent them.

There are a lot of things like that.

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, and self-control (Discipline).

Most people love the idea of peace, but they don’t want war, or fighting, or disagreement, or arguments.

The truth says, there will never be peace while the creator is not on this earth.

People want love, but real love is tough, and honest. We want the truth, but we really don’t want the truth, because it’s raw and honest.

My brother gave me a t-shirt that says “Si vis pacem, para bellumwhich roughly translated means “If you want peace, prepare for war.”

War is bad though right, war is ugly, war is not beneficial, war is uncomfortable, and war is mean.

The truth,... you are in a war already. You are in a war every single day of your life.

There is a war for your soul, and there is a war for your mind. 

There are lies that we believe every single day.

  • The bed is warm and I am too tired, I can't get up and exercise....Lie
  • I don't have time to make breakfast so I'll eat that donuts at work...Lie
  • That project can wait until another time...Lie
  • He is way smarter than I am...Lie
  • I am too old to do that...Lie
  • I am too young...Lie
  • I am not a leader, people won't listen to me...Lie
  • I'm nobody...Lie

I hear these lies every single day, in fact, sometimes when I am working out and the program I made tells me to do 20 reps and I get to 14 and think, OK I am only going to do 14, I don't have time to do the rest, this is pretty hard.

I hear that voice a lot, and I know that if I give into it, that I will give into so much more, its just the beginning.

There is no law against discipline. It is unrivaled.


Everyone wants something, but they lack the self-control (discipline) it requires to obtain, achieve or gravitate towards whatever it is.

Discipline is the one thing that no one can ever take from you. You control the outcome.

Want better grades? Discipline yourself to do the homework, do the problems over and over again.

That's how I got through engineering school, every homework problem I got, in every single class I did at least two or three times until I fully understood it, and could do it blind. It required me to study more, but when the tests came I was prepared.

Discipline is how I ran a 50k, I spent almost 3 months training for a marathon and was strength training also to prevent injury. When it came time to run the marathon, I ran a 50k instead. I did it to raise money for Orphans Aid International.

You don't train for what you are doing, you train for what you haven't gone through.

You never get to say that you have made it, that you have achieved everything. You have to stay hungry. You have to go out and fight every single day. From sunrise to sunset.

Do I have it all figured out? Nope. 

Am I a guru? Nope, and I don't claim to be.

I am just a man. A man with the desire to succeed and win.

One thing that has never let me down or proved me wrong is discipline (self-control).

When you feel like doing something you know that you shouldn't do or don't want to do. Discipline prevents you from making a mistake. Discipline has prepared you for that very moment when your mind wanders and you take the bait of the thief and the liar in your life telling you that something is better than what you know is already good.

Five steps to a more disciplined life....Just kidding

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If you want discipline, start asking for it. Start taking action.

Action, Execution and Aggressiveness are the opposite of laziness, sloth, and even depression (trust me, I know this one all too well.)

Want to start getting up and exercising at 5 am every morning. Then start doing it, set yourself up to win. Go to bed early, get a freaking alarm clock, and then get up when the alarm clock goes off.

People can do anything when they have to, so I know that they can do it when they don't.

I have witnessed this many times.

If you don't want credit card debt, then stop spending money and get rid off all the crap in your life that is dead weight and holding you back from being financially independent.

Yes, you can pray and ask God to help you and deliver you from debt and weight gain and depression, but ultimately God has already said what needs to be said.

He said, "In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world."

"Greater is he who is in you, than he (the thief) who is in the world."

You see, you already have everything you need. Now you actually have to do the work.

You want discipline, you want to win, then start acting like it. Start believing it. Start living it.

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