Weekly Workout: For men who want to be excellent at everything (“Virtus”)


This week was a fun one, I had a lot of time to work on getting stronger, and I am sure that you are all doing your best to become better, stronger and more aware of yourself as a man.

This is something that I have decided to do every Friday from now on, and that is to give you a weekly Workout, and weekend challenge,  Roundup Article, in case you are looking for ways to improve yourself physically, or prepare workouts for your local F3 group, or workout group.

Maybe you are training for an event that requires you to be stronger or tougher. Whatever it is these workouts will help you.

1) Double Under and Deadlifts:

In ascending order, 2-4-6-8-10-12...etc., complete 7 minutes of AMRAP of:

  • Deadlifts (185#-225#)
  • Double Under

 2) Death by Barbell:

Do as many of the following as you can until failure of each exercise in order.

-Power Snatch (Go until failure, increase weight until you fail twice)

-Power Clean (Go until failure, increase weight until you fail twice)

-Push Jerk (Go until failure, increase weight until you fail twice)


3) Fight Club (I am including this one, because I hate it so much that I love it.)

3 Rounds, for Reps, in 17 minutes

1:00 Thrusters (95/65 lb)

1:00 Power Cleans (95/65 lb)

1:00 Box Jump-Overs (24/20 in)

1:00 Pull-Ups

1:00 Assault Bike Cals


Rest 1:00 between Rounds

4) Hero Workout: Badger

3 Rounds for Time

-  Squat Cleans (95/65 lb)

-  30 Pull-Ups

-  800 meter Run


5) Run 5 miles with or without Weighted Vest/Plate Carrier (Moderate Pace)

                ****Moderate Pace means you can speak in short sentences

These are five workouts that you can do, and scale as needed if you are looking to challenge yourself or a group of guys you train with.


Don’t have a gym membership?

No problem, gyms are overrated and usually packed with everyone and their dog in the summer.

Start Building your Garage Gym, in fact I just got in touch with some guys all across the world who have transformed their garages into gyms. I believe every man should do this in some way shape or form.

Let people know you are serious about your health and fitness including your family. Warriors constantly train, and that’s what sets us apart from early generations and our ancestors.

Viking and Spartan kids trained with weapons, learned to fight and got strong while they were young and it continued into adulthood.

Men, have lost this sense of honor, duty and self-awareness.

Deception and convenience have preyed upon men and brought them to a weakened state. Mentally, physically and spiritually.

Men in the military train every day, and what I don’t get is why we have this frame of mind that if we aren’t in the military that we don’t need to train. We all have missions, and reasons to fight and be prepared.

We all have enemies. I have talked about the thief and the warrior. (The enemy)

Every man has the same enemy, but it takes different forms. Which are:

-  Gluttony

-  Laziness

-  Greed

-  Complacency

-  Pornography

-  Addiction (Alcohol, drugs, etc.…)

-  Work

-  Finances

-  Time

wake up early.jpeg

This enemy has one goal in mind, keep you from being the man you were made to be.

From the beginning of time, he, or it, has been hell bent on deviating you from doing great things. The more that it can keep you distracted and in fear, the more useless and impactful you are.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like someone trying to keep me from doing what I know deep down is what I am supposed to do.

That bothers me.

It bothers me that so many men give into it, and allow it to control their lives. They don’t step into the man they were made to be. There are a lot of reasons for that. I had a lot of reasons for not doing it for years.

One day, when I was at rock bottom, I realized that my choices had led me to where I was at. I had to start taking control of my life, take ownership and start doing the things that I knew were right.

I’m sure some of you are in the same situation.

Maybe you have been recently divorced. Maybe you woke up this morning and looked at yourself in the mirror and thought. “Man, something needs to change.”

Maybe, you are struggling financially, or with relationships, or dealing with kids or teenagers.

Whatever it is, you are not alone.

That is also a tactic of the enemy. To get you alone, because when you are alone, you are at your weakest.

I know a thing or two about isolating myself, and have paid the price.

It’s not to say you shouldn’t spend time alone and self-reflect, I believe that is important, and crucial. We all need to be critical and hold ourselves accountable.

My desire is to help men all over the world be world class, to live the life they were made to live and to be the men that they were made to be.

I want to help engage men to get off autopilot, and back in control of their lives. 

We all want to be free, do the jobs we love, make money, have powerful relationships and to be in great physical shape.

Most men choose to let themselves get overweight, they don't engage with their kids, they hide behind their hobbies, or work, or whatever just to get away from family responsibilities.

This world has a shortage of 360 Men, men that hold themselves to a higher standard, who want to break free from their addictions, their failures, their past, and shed the skin of their old lives. 

The approach to combat and everyday life should be the same
— Miyamoto Musashi


I want you to do this challenge:

Sit alone and reflect for a minute. Write down what your enemies are.

  • What is getting in the way of you being the man you were made to be? 
  • Why?
  • When the enemy attacks are you at your weakest, or your strongest?

Listen to this Podcast Episode: thief and the warrior.

Then, what are some things that you need to give up? 

What is your action plan to do this. Write it out, then execute.

If you need more accountability or help, contact me here.

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