The Challenges of being an Alpha: Why as a father and man you need to know what you are up against

I recently finished watching a movie called “Alpha” in which a young warrior befriends a wolf.

I believe that every man can relate to the young man in one way or another, and begin to see himself in the unlikely hero’s story.

There is a point in the movie where "Keda (the young warrior) and his Father are observing a pack of wolves in the distance. The father begins to tell the son about how the Alpha not only has to take care of the pack, but he also has to always be on guard.

The Alpha is always in danger. He can never rest, or believe that he has it made, because he is constantly being observed for signs of weakness, or laziness.

It begin to make me thing about being a father, and a leader.

I believe all men are made to be Alphas, despite popular opinion, books, websites, red pill pushers, and media making men think that they are somehow not alphas if they don’t do certain things or respond a certain way.

Being an alpha is just a series of choices and behaviors that need to be addressed, altered, and eventually turned into habits.

Which is exactly what the Father was telling his son. He knew his son had no idea the strength, courage, and power that he had inside of him, but he was encouraging his son to draw it out.

Every man is a warrior, he is an alpha, he just might not know it yet. You might not know it yet, and if you are wondering how to draw it out, and what challenges you will face, then you are in the right place.

Just keep in mind, you will always be in danger, there is always an enemy lurking, and it is always waiting for you to show vulnerability.

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. - 1Peter 5:8

Challenge 1: An alpha needs to define what is his

Someone or something will always be trying to get what is yours, as I mentioned before, there is a very real enemy that is hell bent on finding your weaknesses and exploiting them.

It is critical that you mark your territory. I don’t mean that in a literal since, as in peeing on your property. I mean that you need to make it very clear to everyone that you protect and take care of what is yours. That you have very clear boundaries that you enforce.

For instance, other men need to know that your wife is off limits, and in the same way, you need to make it very clear to other women that you are off limits.

From boys or predators trying to go after your children, to salesmen trying to pressure your wife into purchasing or doing something.

It might even be watching what your kids are looking at on their phones, or the internet, whatever it is, you have got to take action, and let others know that you have boundaries.

Don’t let anyone try and make you feel bad or wrong for doing so. In fact, we need more of this. If you don’t do this, then you will find yourself on the losing side. Once you lose the foothold, it’s hard to get it back.

Men are designed to be sharp, to be alert. Our instincts are for battle, whether it be physical or mental, that is our makeup. To deny that is wrong.

When your family knows that you are protecting them, and taking care of their needs, they will see you as the leader. Trust you, and learn from your confidence. Your wife or spouse will also find this attractive as it makes her feel secure.

However, it’s not just about protecting, it’s about caring and nurturing relationships with your wife and kids.

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Challenge 2: Watch out for the Hunter

The hunter attacks on two fronts.

He desires to kill you, or to kill what you are also hunting.

You are never going to stop being hunted, so you have to outsmart, outmaneuver, and outlive your adversary.

You always have to be a step ahead.

In other words, never stop learning, growing, or working hard. Your enemy is looking to overtake you at every possible turn.

Don’t have any money in savings, and drowning in debt? The enemy is going to strike and leave you even more in debt. This causes relationship quarrels, and sleepless nights. The hunter loves desperate prey.

  • Get on a budget

  • Save 15%

  • Have an emergency fund of 3-6 months of expenses

Not learning a new skill or developing a hobby? The enemy wants to make you feel helpless. The hunter loves to trap it’s prey.

  • Continually learn new things

  • Start programming or build an online business

  • Work with wood in the garage

Overweight? On medication for high blood pressure, or depression? The enemy loves to make you feel weak and powerless, and you are an easy target for a hunter.

The hunter, likes to hunt, and the easier you are to hunt, the better. Alphas are mysterious, crafty, resilient and ever elusive. As the hunter hunts you, you hunt the hunter.

Challenge 3: The Alpha has to remain strong and keep his individuality

More and more I see men giving up their identity and losing a part of themselves because they follow culture, their peers or the advice of the culture.

In doing so the become weaker, more oppressed, overweight and farther and farther from the men that they were made to be.

Want to know what some of the biggest reasons men become overweight and lethargic?

  • Alcohol

  • Regret

  • Work Stress

A beer or two every now and then, or a great bourbon on the rocks with a cigar is great. Drinking a couple beers every night, and then pounding more on the weekends at social events is making men fat and less ambitious.

The regret of missed opportunities makes men distracted and more likely to take that out on the people around them because they are unhappy with their circumstances.

Work stress, or unfulfilling work is one of the biggest reasons that men become beat down. When you give everything for a job that you aren’t thrilled about it drains you, and leaves you with nothing left to give.

So, what can a man do?

I mentioned it before, but a man, an alpha, keeps his body strong.

The goal shouldn’t be for weight loss, but to get stronger and more confident. I can assure you that weight loss will come when you consistently show up to train.

Remember that training isn’t training unless it’s uncomfortable.

The other thing an alpha does is keep his individuality, he doesn’t go with the flow. He maintains his own warrior code and way of life.

An alpha is set apart, he doesn’t get bogged down with the same stuff the pack does, and he maintains his vigilance. He is is own man, and works to be better every single day.

He is not thrown off by culture and questions everything through the lens of his own experiences, and meets with other alphas who understand the challenges that they are up against.

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