Weekly Workout For Men: Get fit Like Jason Bourne

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“At this altitude, I can run flat out for a half mile before my hands start shaking.”

I remember reading the book “The Bourne Identity” when I was going through Strike Intelligence training at NMITC in Dam Neck Virginia.

I couldn’t put it down, and I wanted to be Jason Bourne, in fact, I think every man at some point in his life has wanted to be Jason Bourne.

Maybe, I’m wrong. It happens from time to time.

Then the movie came out, and Matt Damon become the man everyone wanted to be.

One of my favorite scenes from the movie is when he is in the International Truck Stop Cafe.

Tell this to your wife, girlfriend or date, next time you go out to dinner.

If she stays with you, then you know she is a keeper.

What does it actually take to become Fit like Jason Bourne?

I know that it’s not going to be easy, and you might have to do this alone, just like Bourne does. He operates on his own terms, and is actually trying to bring down a corrupted system.

Anytime you try and make yourself better, you are fighting a corrupted system. The world wants you to be a useless, lazy fat-ass that is dependent upon them.

Everyday this system tries to shove their crap down your throat, through media, news, and political propaganda, the same way the system brainwashed Bourne.

With that being said the first step to becoming fit like Bourne, is to think like Bourne.

Develop a Kill or Be Killed Mindset

You have to believe that you are in a fight everyday.

Every moment, something is lurking in the shadows waiting to take you down as a man.

Whether that is giving in to a food weakness, letting your guard down with a woman that isn’t your significant other, looking at porn on the internet, or believing the lies that other people tell you.

There are two mindsets that are pitted against one another

  • The System Mindset

  • The Bourne Mindset

The system mindset:

  • I’m going to start tomorrow

  • I’m going to compromise my integrity

  • I'll get around to it

  • One time never hurt anyone

  • Everything in moderation

  • I’ll just hit the snooze button

  • There is no enemy

  • I’m comfortable

The bourne mindset:

  • There is an enemy (Awareness)

  • I need to be in peak physical shape (Fitness)

  • I have to fight (Confidence)

  • Take Action Now (Courage)

  • I have to always be ready (Skill)

The only way to look like you’ve suffered is to suffer

Then everyday, you get up, you can look the day in the eye, and do this:

The Bourne Body

Jason Bourne isn’t a globo gym rolling kind of guy. He is rugged and works out with whatever he has hanging around.

On top of that, I don’t think he is hugging Little Caesar’s pizza’s or stuffing Mcdonald’s dollar menu items down his throat.

The only thing we ever see him consume is coffee.

However, there is no doubt that he consumed more than that. Hunting down assassins, karate-chopping throats and running like the flash have to be fueled by something.

For starters, here is what an expert had to say about eating like Jason Bourne:

"Forty-five percent of his diet was protein," Walsh says. "Then 30% fat, and the rest carbohydrates. Anywhere from 1,600 to 2,000 calories on his diet."

The Bourne Diet.PNG

They say, the body starts in the kitchen…For Bourne we know that’s probably impossible. I’m not sure that he spends much time in the kitchen, but he does eat well.

So what does a sample meal look like?

In order to have a cut, boxer look, like we see Jason Bourne sporting, he needs to eat around 1800-2000 calories a day, this will keep him sharp like a wolf always looking for something to eat. A famished wolf is a dangerous wolf.

It puts him in a slight caloric deficit, then when it is upped to 2000 calories, he starts to maintain his body mass.

With the macros being split above, it is safe to assume that he eats a ketogenic or paleo diet.

A sample meal might be:

Want more meals that Jason Bourne eats? Then you need to check out the Eat THIS Much App. It provides meal plans, grocery lists and gives you cost estimations. BOOM!

Ok, so nutrition is only a small portion of being a CIA Assassin, and the other parts are physical exercise, self defense, weapons and tactics, among many other essential skills.

Physical Exercise

Bourne Dumbbell Curls.PNG

this workout program is not for the faint of heart

It focuses a lot on the core.

Still reading? Good, let’s get started.

Some of the Exercises that you will be doing are:

As you can see, Jason Bourne does a lot of body-weight exercises. Don’t let them fool, you. They are challenging and will have the sweat dripping off of your skull in no time. I posted a video above of what I believe a sample workout would be like for Bourne, if you were to do it at home in your garage.

I am providing you a detailed workout routine to be performed 3 times a week, Monday Wednesday, Friday to start, then add a fourth day with running and hill sprints.

Workout Routine:


  • 2 x 25, 50 or 100 push-ups

  • 2 x 25, or 50 Squats

  • 2 x 10, or 25 reverse crunch

  • 2 x 5 negatives, or pull-ups

  • 2 minute max burpees


  • 3 x 200m sprints

  • 2 x 50, or 100 sit-ups

  • 2 x 10, or 25 jumping squats

  • 2 x 15 Barbell or DB curls (get a challenging weight)

  • 2 x 400m sprints


  • 3 x 25m farmers carry (max weight)

  • 2 x 25, or 50 reverse bicycle

  • 2 x 10, or 25 jumping squats

  • 2 x 15 side leg raises

  • 2 minute max burpees

What’s Next?


get a punching bag, a bug out bag, and learn to use a weapon

First, you have got to get yourself some epic EDC (Everyday Carry), then you need to learn to use it and have a 72 hour bug out bag, for when stuff gets REAL!


Bourne is always ready to go at a moments notice.

Second, learn How to Jab and Throw a Punch, self defense is essential for any man, especially a trained assassin. If you have to use it, it needs to be effective.

Third, learn to use a weapon, and become a proficient. If you are truly interested in learning, there are two shooting books that I highly recommend:

All That’s left is to be Bourne

There you have it. I believe if you work on your awareness by taking mental notes of everything you see, memorize facial features, distinguishing marks and even times of events along with all of the above. You will be well on your way to being Bourne.

Let me know what you are doing to be a CIA Assassin in the comments below, or shoot me an email if you have any questions.


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