Weekly Workout for men: The Iron Triathlon

A few years ago I was training for triathlons. I used to search online for all sorts of information on how to get better or what equipment was needed, or what a potential time to complete a triathlon was.

I was really into it. I was riding my bike 30-40 miles on Saturday’s and other days throughout the week, then I would run 20 miles and swim 1 mile, almost every other day.

Yes, I was an endurance machine, and it felt good to be able to run 30 miles no problem.

But….it comes at a price.

You lose strength and size. I went from 165# down to 147#, and could barely bench press my own body-weight. I was spending almost every waking moment running, swimming, or biking. I did them so much that I hated them, and was just doing them because I thought I needed to to stay in shape.

I hated being away from my family too, just to run 20 miles.

I understand why guys do it, but I had to ask myself the question; “Why”.

I had no answer.

During all of my research though, I discovered something called the iron triathlon, and it made me want to start lifting weights again.

The cool thing about this triathlon is that it’s only 20 minutes long.

It is a grueling 20 minutes though, but you will get stronger.

I love it because it’s just you against you, and the reps increase, but you can rest as much or as little as you need, but ultimately, it is a mental game just as much as a normal triathlon.

You, three bars, and 20 minutes.


The Iron Triathlon


1-20 reps of Linda:

For time:
Deadlift 1.5xBW
Bench Press 1xBW
Squat Clean 0.75xBW

Start with deadlifts and continue with bench presses and squat cleans. Repeat until you finish all reps from 1-20.


Time it took you to complete the WOD.

Scaled version:

Choose appropriate weights so you can safely complete all 20 rounds.

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