Episode - 018: Dealing with Rejection - How a man can work through it in a healthy way


If you find yourself feeling rejected I know exactly where you are and have been through this many times. This article is aimed at showing men how to step through this in a healthy way and to grow and learn from it.

I’m not perfect as I have clearly pointed out, but I do understand this.

  • It stinks to be turned down for promotions

  • It stinks to be ostracized by your peers

  • It stinks to be let down and rejected

When dealing with rejection, it’s easy to become bitter and bury yourself deeper into despair by assuming that people are rejecting you based on something that you are doing, or by their behavior. This isn’t always true, and our assumptions or observations can be way off.

There is a method that you can use when faced with this type of situation:

  • Self Reflection

  • Confront

  • Create Distance & focus on something else

  • Resolve

Take a listen as we walk through these in detail.

Thanks for listening!