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We believe in sharing knowledge, and information. This is a collection of all the resources that we use on a regular basis. 

We only recommend these resources because we use them, and we know that they will help you grow as a man, and a leader.


The 360Man Project Library

We believe all men should read books that will help them learn and become better. More important, we believe in reading books that you can apply to your life. We don't reccommend books that havent impacted us in some way or that we havn't used in some capacity.


Blogging Resources

  1. Amazon Affiliate Program- Monetize your Blog
  2. ProBlogger- Excellent tips to build a better Blog
  3. MailChimp- Email Automation
  4. Canva- Graphics made easy


Website Building Tools

Most People and websites on the internet will try and sell you all sorts of tools to use, and while they may be useful, having them all can be expensive. 

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Stephen's Favorite Youtube Videos



Favorite Resources

  1. The Daily Stoic - For would be Stoics
  2. Codecademy - Learn to code for FREE
  3. Hoopla Digital - FREE Online Library
  4. Living it out - Daily Inspiration


Awesome Links

  1. Toor Kives - Handmade Knives
  2. G-Shock- Watches for Men
  3. SOFREP Crate Club- Tactical Gear From Special Ops Vets
  4. Off Grid - Survival Website