8 Week Strength Training Program

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8 Week Strength Training Program


This is for men who are serious about becoming the best version of themselves. You will get bigger, you will get stronger, and you will become mentally tough.

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Are you ready to finally get serious about your health, but not sure where to start?

I'm a husband and a dad so i understand the challenges that you might face when it comes to this area of your life. Let me help you turn it around once and for all.

 8 week strength program


This program is designed to help you build muscle, restore your confidence, and get you back in the winners ring in life!

What does that mean...

I designed this program for people like myself, who couldn't get to the gym, and when I did, I wasn't sure what to do.

Sometimes I would do basic strength workouts, and they bored me. All the waiting around, and same routine over and over was discouraging and not motivating for me.

It was hard to find the discipline and purpose of going to the gym.

I felt:

  • Lethargic

  • Low energy

  • Stuck

  • Unmotivated

  • I didn't have enough time

  • I couldn't break my bad habits

Everything that I did wasn't working. Some days I would go to the gym, and some days I wouldn't. I certainly wasn't seeing results.

I realized the monotony was killing me..

I needed to change something up. I was working second shift, was 30 pounds overweight, had $55,000 dollars in debt, and no motivation. I was stuck in the hamster wheel of life.

I had tried everything in the book, and more.

I ordered the TV programs that encourage weight loss, and tried them only to fail. There was more going on in my life than just physical fitness.

I had self esteem issues, no purpose in life, and I felt like I just couldn't bear to go on like this anymore.

See what others are saying...

“I absolutely killed it this morning at 5:30 am. I’m feeling great, thanks for the encouragement!”

— Josh (Texas)

“I never thought I would be doing something like this. I ran 2 miles yesterday. I have never done that!”

— Kathy (Tennessee)

I was so off course, and had no idea what to do. I wish I would have had this when I was in that place.

Instead, I had to figure it out myself and it has taken me over 5 years to implement this in my own life.

Being $55,000 in debt and 30# overweight is a hard obstacle to overcome and it takes more than motivation or willpower to get out of that place. It takes a radical system that works, accountability and progressive changes.

The main thing I needed to change was my mindset. I needed to know that I could do it, and have someone pushing me forward.

This system does that.


It's as personal as it can be without having to pay hundreds of dollars in a gym or on a piece of equipment.

There are no "Extra" things that you have to buy. It is only a one time fee, and the system does 99% of the work for you. All you have to do is show up everyday and do your best to complete the program.

I would be lying if I said it was going to be easy, but what is? I mean, it took a while for me to get in debt and gain weight, it is going to take some work to reverse that.

It's totally worth it, and I have seen others do it.

You are no different.

You can do it too!!


How do I know this will help me, and what does it cost?

This isn't a get rich quick scheme, if it was I wouldn't be personally involved in helping you each week. I am here to help you succeed.

I have one question for you? What are you doing right now that is working for you? If you are doing something that is working and you are killing it, then keep doing it. This program isn't for you.

I believe it would help you no matter what, but I wouldn't tell you to quit what you are doing. However, if you are at a point in your life where nothing is working, and you don't know what to do, or whatever you are doing just doesn't help you like you want.

Then give this a shot. It's only the price of a meal at Applepees, and a meal only lasts for a couple hours, this will last you your whole life if you implement this system for 90 days.

My goal with this program is to help you get in the best shape of your life, achieve your goals, learn new things and be the man you were made to be.

I’m confident that if you follow the advice and plans, you WILL see results.

How much does the 8 Week Strength Program cost?

Many fitness products or courses charge monthly fees or recurring charges that can total hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars per year.

My approach to the 8 Week Strength Program is different. No monthly charges. No recurring payments.

A one-time payment of $59.99 $19.99 gets you full, immediate access to the 8 Week Strength Program, all bonuses, and all future updates (for life).


What is included?

  • 12 Weeks of workouts designed to get you in shape, lose weight and be your best

  • Videos of all exercises

  • Shopping and Nutrition Guide

  • Workout Tracker

  • 1 Rep Max Calculator

  • Meal Plans

  • Printable Worksheets

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Most programs only focus on physical fitness.

This is a system for your life. It works.

It has been proven in my life and others. It is designed to get you moving and help you "wake up" from the rat race and slumber life has a tendency of putting us in.

Sometimes we get on autopilot and we are not even sure what is going on. Then one day we look up and we are way off course.

This Program will help you get on course !!