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This book is a culmination of everything that a person needs to begin a blog or website.

When I first started out these were the questions that I faced:

  • How do I start a website or blog?

  • Can I make money online?

  • What website platform should I use?

  • How do I make an E-book?

  • Can I sell things?

  • How do you make cool graphics?

  • How do I do Facebook Ad's, like the ones I see on my feed?

  • How do I set up email automation?

  • How do I write a blog post?

  • Are people actually going to read my blogs?

  • How do I do Kindle Publishing?

  • Can I make Tutorial Videos without buying expensive software?

  • I don't have a lot of money, how can I even do this?

  • How do I sell merchandise on my website?


I will teach you how to:

  1. Set up and build a website using

  2. Write your first Blog

  3. Affiliate marketing and the best options for you

  4. Social media - spread yourself out, create content

  5. Email Marketing, Automation, and Subscriber Lists

  6. Facebook Ads

  7. How to make EBooks, 3D book covers

  8. Kindle Publishing, or Sell yourself

  9. Creating Graphics - 2 different methods, and tools

  10. How to make tutorial videos

  11. I will teach you the about the best secret no one knows about.

This book will answer all of those questions. It is a step by step guide for solo-preneurs, budding entrepreneurs, bloggers, hobbyists, and newbies.


How much does all this cost?

  • Typically Graphics and video software costs - $100/month

  • Facebook Ad course is around $500

  • To have someone Build your website, it can cost you anywhere from $300-$2000, and takes a lot of time

  • Email Marketing how to's are vague and difficult to understand and set-up. Can cost you up to $50/month

  • The prices keep adding up, and you never really know where or how to start, and can spend yourself into a frenzy

If you add up all of those things you are going to end up paying someone else around $5000, and you never learn anything, you are at the mercy of someone else...Which means you will always be paying someone.


The book that I am offering has a one time fee of:




This gives you access to videos, downloads and any future content that becomes available.


  • You also get access to a great Facebook group full of creatives, entrepreneurs and bloggers, just like you!

  • Step-by-step tutorial videos, that you can do at your own pace

  • Downloads and tasks to complete

Engineer Your Future: How to start a website or blog on a shoestring budget.


This is a complete step-by-step guide to building a website from scratch.

You will not find anything else like this out there that is this detailed and methodical.

Don't wait, get started now!